Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I need to bring to the funeral home when making arrangements?

• Clothing — Please make sure all clothing is cleaned & pressed.
• Women — Dress (High Necked & Long Sleeves), Bra, Underwear (No Girdles
  of Any Length), Slip, Knee-High Stockings, Shoes (Optional), Hairpiece,
  Jewelry (Optional), Perfume, & Cosmetics**
• Discharge Papers for a Veteran
• Social Security Number of Deceased
• Deceased's Date & Place of Birth
• Photographs for Video Tribute (20 Pictures)
• Men — Suit, Shirt, Tie, Undergarments, Socks, & Shoes (Optional)**
• Address of Deceased
• Marital Status
• Occupation
• Deceased's Father's & Mother's Names (Including Maiden)
• Deed to Cemetery (If the Family Has a Plot in a Particular Cemetery)
• Insurance Policies toward Funeral Expenses*

*The funeral director will go into further detail about policy deposit requirements.
**We do not take responsibility for jewelry, so please use your discretion

What if I cannot find my original insurance policy?
If you do not have your original paperwork it's ok. In most cases, policies are verified with an active policy number or the deceased's social security number.

Does social security cover funeral expenses?
Social Security pays a death benefit of $255 to a spouse or dependent child.

Who is entitled for burial in a Veteran's cemetery?
Any person who serves in the United States Armed Services for a minimum of 2 years and was honorably discharged or anyone who dies in active duty is eligible. In addition, a companion plot is issued for use by a spouse or dependent child.

If I choose cremation, does that mean I cannot have a funeral?
No, selecting cremation in no way limits the other service selections available to you.

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