Burial Ceremonies & Cremation Services in Bronx, New York

During your time of grief, Legacy Funeral Service in Bronx, New York, helps make handling your loss as smooth as possible with burial ceremonies and cremation services. There are a multitude of options available for planning dignified and personal memorials.

Your loved one is taken to the mausoleum or cemetery of your choosing. When the burial service immediately follows the funeral, the procession travels from the site of the service to the burial site. If the deceased served in a branch of the Armed Forces, military rites are often rendered at the burial ceremony.

This process involves reducing human remains to inorganic bone matter though burring, vaporizing, and oxidation. Cremated remains are not a health risk and may be buried, placed in a mausoleum, or kept by the family. It is a post funeral rite and serves as an alternative to burial. 

Remembering Veterans
Those who have served our country have made the ultimate sacrifice and deserved to be honored. If you or a loved one served in the United States Armed Forces then you may be eligible for certain benefits offered by the government, including:

• A Grave at No Charge in a National Cemetery with Burial Vault & Grave Marker
• Free Death Certificates (Varies by Jurisdiction)
• Payment of Certain Funeral Expenses
• An Allotment for Particular Burial Expenses Should You Choose Not to Inter in a National Cemetery
• A Memorial Certificate Signed by the President Commemorating Your Loved One's Service in the Armed Forces

If you previously lost someone who served in the military and would like to obtain a memorial certificate in their honor, call us at (888) 743-8476. When inquiring about veterans memorial services, please provide branch of military and active duty dates.

Cemetery, Burial Ceremonies, Cremation Services in Bronx, NY

For information not related to funeral planning please contact:

NY Regional Office for Veterans Affairs
245 W Houston Street
New York, New York 10014
(212) 807-7729 (Local) or
(800) 827-1000

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