Funeral Home in Bronx, New York

Honor the life and memory of your departed loved one in a personalized manner. Legacy Funeral Service is a funeral home in Bronx, New York, committed to ensuring you are comfortable with every step in the process and showing compassion to every family.  

Whether you choose burial or cremation, we offer a variety of options that allow you to customize ceremonies to truly reflect the life lived and present a fitting tribute to your loved one's legacy. In addition to funeral related items, request assistance with ordering flowers, urns, or monuments.  

Accommodating Features
All 6 spacious chapels and restrooms are located on the ground floor and 100% wheelchair accessible. Free WiFi and private parking are also available for your convenience. Flexible hours give us the ability to work around even the most hectic schedules.

Ensure your last wishes are carried out accordingly and lessen the financial burden for those you leave behind by paying for your funeral costs in advance. Legacy Funeral Service has partnered with Cooperative Funeral Funding, a Massachusetts-based company with more than 20 years of experience in funeral fund management, to provide the comfort of pre-planning backed with sound financial security.

This is also one of the few acceptable ways to spend down assets should you or a loved one attempt to enroll in Medicaid or any other government facilitated heath care program

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